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Love and Other Drugs

I am reblogging this post not just because I am a HUGE fan of the group Sauti Sol or because I have quite a few fantasies of private concerts and featuring on their “Nisheke” video (hotness overload)! No! I am reblogging this post because everything Bien said resonated with my being, as if he took my thoughts and feelings and emotions and conveyed it in this post ( but his of course being the male version).
I find love to be a simple emotion, however we as soulish beings complicate it and mud it up and then say it is complicated. I find that when we stop “looking for love” love finds us. Love hasn’t yet found me but like Beinaime I am taking a step back and letting myself breath!


My name is Bienaime, which is French for well loved. Shout-out to my parents for not calling me Pius, SosPeter, Paul etc. I just feel it would have seriously affected my turnover as far as the other gender is concerned. My name is testament to the myth that names beget people, and what you call your child is what it becomes. All my life I have only looked to be loved. I’ve been a performer for as far as I can remember. Growing up a lastborn I always wanted the spotlight (shit!!!! I can’t believe the number of times the letter ‘I’ is already used in this post).

Years later all this has come to pass. (God is Faithful) I have a successful music career with an amazing band of equally blessed individuals. Sauti Sol is a MANBAND, and rightfully so we sell emotions to people, especially women. An emotion…

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